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Things to do and not do at the pharmacy during COVID19 pandemic

I’m a pharmacist. I’m among the many people who can’t stay home and self-quarantine. If we look at how this pandemic is developing, it’s scary to even leave your house.…

By thepharmacoach

Mar 27, 2020

I’m a pharmacist. I’m among the many people who can’t stay home and self-quarantine. If we look at how this pandemic is developing, it’s scary to even leave your house. I know other pharmacists, physicians, nurses, pharmacy technicians and even grocery cashiers who are not only exhausted from the overload of work that this crisis has generated, but who are also very fearful for their safety.

Essential services have to keep going, but let’s remember that the providers of these services are people with fears and emotions, they need collaboration from the general public more than ever. Stay home if you can. Like the term says, we are ESSENTIAL services. Come to us only when it’s essential. Let’s protect and take care of each other!

Here is the list of things to do and not do at the pharmacy:

  • Don’t come to the pharmacy if:
    • You present any of the following symptoms: cough, fever, sore throat, or difficulty breathing.
    • You have come back from another country in the past 14 days (you MUST quarantine at home for 14 days). 
    • If you’re 70 years old or older.
    • If you have certain chronic health problems: heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and any conditions that weaken your immune system.
    • Only come to the pharmacy if there’s a necessity. To refill your prescription – order online or by phone and ask for a delivery. To ask one or many questions – simply call the pharmacy. 
  • Once at the pharmacy:
    • Sanitize your hands if you see a hand sanitizer dispenser at the pharmacy’s entrance.
    • Keep a 6 foot distance with other people / no physical contact.
    • Always follow your pharmacy’s instructions at the prescription counter. 
    • Don’t wait at the pharmacy if your waiting time is more than 15 minutes to fill a prescription.
  • At the cash:
    • Don’t pay with cash, pay with credit or debit card.
    • Instead of handing your items to the cashier, hold them up so that the cashier can scan them.
  • For pharmacy workers:
    • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after your shift and during your breaks. During your shift, wash your hands as much as possible with hand sanitizer or with soap and water.
    • Clean all of the following surfaces with soap and water several times during the day:
      • Counters (in the pharmacy and at the cash)
      • Phones
      • Chairs
      • Keyboards
      • Workspaces
      • Payment terminal, cart handles
      • Doorknobs
    • Avoid any physical contact and try to keep a certain distance from your colleagues as much as possible.
    • Encourage phone and online orders and your pharmacy’s delivery service.

For more details and explanations, click on my Youtube video above. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more fun and helpful videos. Leave all of your questions and comments in the Youtube comment section! Have a good and refilled day!


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